Sliders, yorkshires, shrimp, mushroom caps, scallops and more.

    • 16.00

Fire Cracker Prawns

Butterflied jumbo prawns, beer battered and tossed in a sweet chili sauce

    • 16.00

Braised Beef Yorkshires

Braised Beef Brisket, Blue Cheese, Au Jus

    • 16.00

Pile of Bones

Pork Button Ribs, House Seasoned, Lemon

    • 17.00

Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin Bites

AAA Beef Tenderloin, Bacon Wrapped Maple Aioli

    • 17.00

Pan Seared Scallops

Bacon Potato Hash, Lemon-Dijon

    • 16.00

Crab Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Crab, Herbs, Parmesan Cheese

    • 13.00

Prime Rib Sliders

A pair of mini-burgers, made from Canadian AAA Prime Rib, sliced and drenched in CUT BBQ Sauce

    • 11.00

CUT Chips

Baked potato medallions smothered in cheese and drizzled with CUT BBQ sauce, served with a chive-infused cream dip

    • 16.00

Pan Fried Asparagus

Pecan Butter, Goat Cheese, Honey

    • 16.00


House Seasoned, Tzatziki Breaded or Pan-Fried

Soups & Salads

Try our signature CUT classic beef barley soup.

    • 13.00


Croutons, Bacon, Roasted Garlic Dressing

    • 12.00

CUT Greens

Tomato Vinaigrette, Sweet Basil Goat Cheese

    • 13.00


Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and olives, feta Cheese, Vinaigrette

    • 13.00

Southwestern Salad

Avocado, black beans, roasted corn and goat cheese in an ancho lime vinaigrette

    • 7.00

Soup of The Day

Ask your server about today’s offering

    • 7.00

CUT Classic Beef Barley Soup

Prime Rib, Vegetables, Herbs

    • 8.00

French Onion Soup

Beef Broth, Spanish Onions, Port, Mozzarella

AAA+ Plates

Try our signature CUT classic tenderloin burger.

    • 16.00

Prime Rib Beef Dip

Slow roasted Canadian AAA prime rib, shaved paper thin on a French Baguette

    • 36.00

Dry Aged New York Striploin

10 oz. New York Striploin, dry aged in-house for an additional 28 days

    • 39.00

New York Striploin

10 oz. Sterling Silver AAA

    • 16.00

Steak Sandwich

A 6 oz. Canadian AAA Flatiron Steak served on a CUT garlic bread

    • 16.00

CUT Classic Burger

With CUT Smoked Ketchup, pickles, lettuce, tomato and onion

Casual Plates

Clubs, wraps, breadless blt's and more.

    • 15.00

Maple Aioli Club

Chicken breast, with lettuce, fresh tomato, bacon and maple aioli. Have as a sandwich or as a wrap.

    • 14.00

North California Club

Chicken breast, with caramelized beets & onions, kale, fresh tomato and savoury aioli. Have as a sandwich or as a wrap

    • 15.00

Prime Rib Slider Combo

A pair of mini-burgers, made from Canadian AAA prime rib sliced and drenched in CUT BBQ sauce

    • 13.00

Cajun Chicken Caesar Wrap

Grilled chicken breast seasoned with our special blackening spice, wrapped up with our classic Caesar salad.

    • 28.00

Herb Roasted Chicken

Bone in chicken, seasoned with fresh herbs

    • 12.00

Breadless BLT

Slabs of double smoked, black pepper bacon with tomatoes and garlic aioli sandwiched between leaves of crisp iceberg lettuce

    • 15.00

Bacon Jalapeño Mac n’ Cheese

Elbow macaroni smothered in an aged cheddar and bacon scallop cream sauce. Topped with panko & fresh herbs

    • 14.00

Pickerel Fish & Chips

One piece of fresh Saskatchewan Pickerel, beer battered in Great Western Original 16 Additional Filet: 5.00